2022.02.15 20:12 - wilbertg
CentOS 6.9 has been removed.

2018.10.04 12:05 - wilbertg
Our mirror was down for the last week or so due to hardware failure. The server has been rebuilt at the loss of some of our mirrored files.

2018.10.04 12:05 - wilbertg
Only current distro versions will be stored at this time. We may put older versions up in the future, given space availability.

2017.06.16 12:05 - goodb
We removed majority of the legacy Distro's from the server. Only current Distro versions will be stored.

2017.06.15 11:23 - goodb
CentOS 7.3.1611 is available.

2017.06.14 13:00 - goodb
Storage space has once again been increased and placed on better hardware.

2007.06.07 10:32 - keb
Fedora 7 is being synced.

2007.04.17 15:49 - keb
Storage space has been doubled. CentOS 5.0 is now available.

2006.08.14 13:30 - keb
Due to low usage, high space consumption, and a near capacity mirror array we have decided to drop our Debian mirror. The data may return at a future time if we have the free drive space to support it.

2006.03.23 10:55 - keb
CentOS 4.3 and Fedora Core 5 are now available. Yum repositories have been populated.

2006.01.13 10:30 - keb
Due to upstream mirror problems, we have blocked access to our local debian-security mirror. Please use security.debian.org for all future updates. Contact us at the address below if you have questions or concerns about this.

2005.09.26 16:10 - keb
Our distro server is currently down, so the links at the left probably won't work. One of the mirror disks has failed, making the data in the array unrecoverable. We are obtaining new hardware so that hopefully a disk failure in the future doesn't cause these problems. Service should be restored by Wednesday, but we will need to resync all data again. We applogize for the inconvenience.

2005.03.15 15:25 - keb
All services have been restored and the content should be correct now. Let us know if you find something that doesn't seem right (like FC2 installing an ipchains RPM for FC1).

2005.03.14 15:00 - dwarner
We're removing access to the server again since this problem is taking a bit longer to recover from than we expected. We'd rather you didn't update your box from our mirror while the content is questionable. We appreciate your understanding and will let you know when everything is worked out.

2005.03.10 09:25 - dwarner
Our mirror was down (again) between Thursday morning and Friday morning due to hardware failure. The failure has been repaired at the loss of some of our mirrored files. We are currently re-syncing everything, but this will take awhile. If things seem "odd", please wait a bit longer.

2005.02.03 16:25 - keb
Our mirror was down between Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon for hardware upgrades (more RAM and new drive). We applogize for the inconvenience.

2004.12.16 09:46 - keb
Our Debian mirror has been restored. It was down due to an array failure with the Debian source we were sync'ing from.

If you encounter problems with this or any other item we mirror, please let us know at mirror@ctinetworks.com.

2004.12.02 15:46 - dwarner
I know this is probably a pain, but we had to move some of our main mirrors into their own subdirectory. Actually, on the server they are stored this way, but were aliased into their current place by apache.
We're doing this because we're rolling out ftp access for all our repositories. This way all paths will be the same across the protocols.
If you were accessing the mirrors directly, you should only have to add "/mirror" into the path; you can see the updated links on the side. If you experience any problems, let us know.

2004.11.26 19:30 - dwarner
Changes have been made to our Apt and Yum repositories to make them easier for us to maintain; if you notice any problems, please let us know.
x86-64 architectures should be available for FC2 and FC3 as well; feel free to test out our repository for downloading updates there, as well.

2004.11.05 19:55 - dwarner
Fedora Core 3 will be available on Monday (Nov 8th), when Red Hat releases it to the public. The release should be fully synced, and it shouldn't take us too long to get our other repositories updated with the new paths.

2004.11.03 17:30 - keb
CentOS 3.3 is now available. You can find it here. The yum repository will be available shortly.

2004.10.09 10:00 - dwarner
The server is going through some changes again. You may notice that bits and pieces of our mirror are currently missing; this is because we're in the process of rebuilding the box into FC2 with LVM2 and ReiserFS as the partition on the array. Expect some downtime over the next couple days as we get things in line, and then we'll get things re-synced.

2004.09.16 09:45 - dwarner
As you probably know, our distro server was down from early Friday to early Tuesday. This was due to the system disk failing. All of our mirror drives were unaffected, so we did not have to re-sync all our repositories, and full service was restored around midday Tuesday. We applogize for the inconvenience.

2004.07.02 13:10 - dwarner
We should have our Gentoo private mirror setup now. Portage should be available through rsync, and distfiles through http, so you should be able to have-at-it. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.

2004.05.18 14:50 - dwarner
Fedora Core 2 is available, and has been since around 10:00 EDT. Our ayo repository has been updated to handle the new paths. Of particular note is the new DVD iso, the Linux 2.6 kernel, Gnome 2.6, and KDE 3.2. Enjoy!

2004.05.14 15:05 - dwarner
As you can see, the site layout has been updated to group things more logically, and hopefully make it easier for you to find things. Fedora Core 2 should be available early next week, and we're going to try hard to have it ready.

2004.05.09 17:00 - keb
The Fedora Legacy Project has taken charge to release security updates and bug fixes for EOL'd versions of Red Hat Linux.

The apt and yum repositories for FLP updates to RH9 have been built. Our sample configs for apt and yum have also been updated and can be found in the ayo directory.

2003.11.10 23:50 - keb
Our apt repository layout has been reorganized to make it easier to support other update managers. Our sources.list has been updated with new paths, but the old update locations will still continue to be supported.

Yellow dog Updater, Modified (yum) is a package manager for rpm systems. We have setup a yum repository for Red Hat Linux 8.0, Red Hat Linux 9, and Fedora Core 1. You can configure yum to use our server by modifying your /etc/yum.conf and using the configs in yum.conf (pick the right one for your distribution).

The apt button at the top has been renamed to ayo (apt, yum, others). There you can find current versions of apt | yum for each distribution, our custom configs, and the apt | yum repositories.

2003.11.10 21:00 - keb
Debian is now available. You can find it here.

2003.11.07 17:27 - dwarner
Yep; so only two days after the release, we have fedora up and available. Feel free to have at it.

2003.11.06 19:20 - dwarner
Sorry it's taking us so long to get Fedora up. We're busy adding another hard drive to make room, so things may yet go down tonight while we're moving things around. We'll be sure to update again once Fedora is in place.

2003.08.02 15:03 - dwarner
We're reorganizing the files on our mirror, so most things will be down while we do this. It shouldn't take more than an hour. If you experience problems after that, please contact us at the address below.

2003.07.07 14:50 - keb
We are now mirroring a portion of Kernel.org. Our kernel mirror is located here.

2003.06.28 15:50 - dwarner
We are now mirroring CPAN and all the perl modules associated with it. If you use the CPAN perl module, you'll have to type in the path to distro in order to use this repository. You can find our CPAN mirror here.

2003.04.30 17:22 - keb
The current version of apt for a particular RedHat distribution can be found here. Our custom sources.list was moved to that directory as well to keep all apt related files in one location.
Please note that RedHat 7.1 and 7.2 use the same apt version as RedHat 7.3, but rpm 4.0.4 or higher must be installed.

2003.04.24 13:53 - dwarner
Welcome to our new distro server!
Currently, it houses a partial RedHat Mirror (7.1-9; ISOs and Updates); as well freshrpms and our own custom RPMs. Another nifty feature is that all of this is available via apt for rpm with our own custom sources.list (download it to /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment your distro).
We hope you like this new server!